This one of a kind Bluff View classic was designed in conjunction with Larry Boerder’s office. There is 30’ of grade change which makes this a unique opportunity from the Grandbury living walls allowing plants to grow out of them, to the magnificent simple pool in the back yard. This swimming pool is surrounded by a huge amount of seasonal color but keeps it’s natural green appearance because of the Conservation Grass joints throughout the deck. Abutting the pool is an outdoor pavilion with an enormous fire place and other surrounding fire pots. This beautiful estate provides perimeter garden walking paths throughout.


This Mediterranean rustic estate, designed in conjunction with Clay Nelson, in the Mid-Cities provides a spectacular gate with a bridge to the front entry. The paving utilized is a red travertine which has a vibrant color but is also cool to the foot in the summer heat. This material surrounds the classic, timeless, but transitional oval swimming pool. Adjacent to the swimming pool is a Mediterranean/Moroccan style kitchen which creates a great place to entertain. The garden view terminates with a fire pit and sports court area which allows for family gatherings.


This modern swimming pool has many unique features, most especially the electronic cover. This cover provides an ability to control the temperature, to keep the pool clean, but most importantly to prevent the grandchildren from entering the swimming pool. Its porcelain deck provides a bullet proof exterior surface that is modern, can be kept spotless, and is cool to the foot throughout the year. Our design and providing all of the exterior furnishings along with the Conservation Grass lawns make this a great place to entertain.


This University Park modern transitional house designed by William Briggs continues the modern design out onto the exterior. Once entering the front gate, it was transformed into four defined garden rows. The first garden space is the entry courtyard and fountain. This bubbling fountain with glass bottom display is seen entering or leaving the front door. Walking to the next area is a wonderful outdoor entertaining/putting green/Conservation Grass lawn area that allows for sports or parties throughout the year. Continuing on to the next area is an outdoor cooking/dining area with a built-in bench and seating flanked by a simple swimming pool that includes a tanning ledge, spa, and other amenities for a modern family of today.