The Crescent #2 project was designed by renowned architect Richard Davis and executed by the skilled team at Sebastian Construction Group. This project was a collaborative effort with interior designer Deborah Walker to create a stunning exterior that embodies modern, youthful living. The goal was to blend sophisticated design with functionality, creating a space that meets the lifestyle needs of its residents. As an accomplished landscape architect in Dallas, our team integrated all exterior hardscape elements, including fountains, walls, a sophisticated all-tile modern swimming pool, and a fire pit, ensuring a cohesive and inviting environment.

Our scope for the Crescent #2 project reflects our comprehensive capabilities in Dallas landscape architecture. We took on the challenge of designing and constructing every exterior detail, from the serene fountains to the intricately designed walls, creating a luxurious and modern outdoor living space. Our team, recognized as top landscape architects in Dallas, ensured that each element was crafted to perfection, providing not only functional features but also aesthetic focal points that enhance the overall appeal of the property.


  • All-tile Pool
  • All-tile Spa
  • Granite Fountain
  • Tanning Beds
  • Fire Pits
  • Modern Garden Design
  • Drainage
  • Lighting
  • Mature Tree Acquisition
  • Green wall
Dallas pool landscaping

Our Services for Crescent #2

Our team provided state-of-the-art custom landscaping services for the Crescent #2 project. We were responsible for the design and installation of the all-tile pool and spa, granite fountain in the front yard, tanning beds, fire pits, modern garden design, drainage, lighting, mature tree acquisition, and a green wall. Recognized as top landscape architects in Dallas, we meticulously crafted each element, creating a luxurious and modern outdoor living space.

Dallas Custom Pools and Spas

Our expertise in creating custom pools and spas ensures that every element, from the pool design to the hardscaping and conservation grass, is thoughtfully integrated into the overall design. The unique all-tile swimming pool and fire pits near the sitting area and around the pool serve as functional elements for entertainment and aesthetic focal points. Our pool and spa design complements the architectural nuances of the Crescent #2 home, adding a touch of elegance and creating a unified space that is both functional and beautiful. Learn more about our custom pool design services.

Dallas Custom Water Features

We introduced creative water features inspired by transitional design. Elegant fountains with sophisticated lighting enhance the overall visual appeal and create a serene atmosphere. We installed a modern granite fountain in the front yard across the entrance, offering a beautiful entrance to this exquisite home. Additionally, we designed a modern dining table near the outdoor kitchen featuring a small waterfall that flows through the center of the table. Discover our custom water feature design services.

Fire Pit Design in Dallas

We considered modern fire features and integrated fire tables to blend with the outdoor space. Features such as automated ignition systems, flame height control, and mood lighting add luxury and convenience. We created dedicated seating areas around the fire pit, incorporating modern options like sleek outdoor sofas, low-profile ottomans, and built-in benches for a communal gathering space.

Dallas Landscaping Installation

Our design and installation proficiency elevated the outdoor space with a custom-designed, hand-made green wall near the entrance and around the perimeter. We created dedicated spaces for showcasing multiple pottery designs at the entrance, in the backyard corridor, and around the pool. We acquired mature trees to install at prominent places on the property, designed a curated space with tanning benches and shades, and installed proper drainage and irrigation systems to ensure the hardscaping elements and plants thrive. Explore our custom landscaping and garden design services. 

Landscape Lighting in Dallas

Our expert and professional landscape lighting services transformed Crescent #2 into a stunning showcase of modern, youthful living. We used a combination of low-level accent lights and spotlights to add layers of illumination and dimension to the landscape. We strategically placed spotlights on architectural elements like water features, sculptures, garden pottery, and trees to draw attention and enhance their beauty. We opted for minimalist and contemporary light fixtures in metals like stainless steel or sleek black to complement the modern aesthetic. Additionally, we experimented with colored LED lights to create a playful and unique ambiance during evenings, prioritizing lighting around outdoor seating areas, grilling stations, and fire pits. Learn more about our exterior design services.

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