We were tasked with designing and creating a custom pool design that seamlessly connected the water within to the blue sky above, a challenge aptly met by our skilled Dallas landscape architects. As you can observe from the photograph, we specified an American recycled glass tile in three shades of blue on the pool floor, reflecting our innovative Dallas landscape design approach. The tiles reflect sunlight upward through the gently circulating water in the daylight, creating a pleasant shimmer at this Preston Hollow home. A similar but slightly different effect is created at night from the pool lights, embodying the meticulous and aesthetic prowess of top landscape architects in Dallas. This feature imparts a sense of life to the swimming pool that traditional materials cannot achieve.

Another noteworthy fact is that no tiles were cut during the installation process. Precise calculations are required for this to happen. As architects, we perceive that as part of the artistry and value we bring to every project, solidifying our reputation as a leading Dallas landscape design company. It was an honor to complete a project complementing a home initially built by Shariff and Munir and remodeled by Diane Wright.


  • All-tile Pool
  • All-tile Spa
  • Fire Pit
  • Motor Court
  • Security Gates & Fencing
  • Specialty Paving
  • Elaborate Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Drainage
preston hollow landscape architects

Preston Hollow Landscape Architects Services

Our Preston Hollow landscape design company provided new, updated security gates/fencing, a custom garden, and an impressive motor court. Additionally, in the rear yard, we created an opportunity for shade with a custom kitchen design and an exterior fireplace for a great entertaining area. The outdoor kitchen was designed keeping in mind the whole structure of the property, showcasing our expertise in Preston Hollow landscape architecture. We transformed the pool into a beautiful mirror that reflects the sunlight and creates a stunning atmosphere and focal point within the property. Our comprehensive services include:

Custom Pools in Preston Hollow

The pool at Preston Hollow boasts a distinctive and custom design. The classical pool design with an integrated spa is carefully crafted to complement the overall aesthetics of the property, creating a visually stunning focal point. We specified American recycled glass tile in three shades of blue on the pool floor. The tiles reflect sunlight upward through the gently circulating water in the daylight, creating a pleasant shimmer, while at night, the pool lights create a different but equally enchanting effect. This feature imparts a sense of life to the swimming pool that traditional materials cannot achieve. Remarkably, no tiles were cut during the installation process, a testament to the precise calculations and artistry we bring to every project. The custom pool design with a spa creates a serene view throughout the house and provides a relaxing outdoor environment for the homeowners. We created dedicated relaxation areas just beside the pool with custom-designed seating and furniture, offering a serene space for lounging and unwinding. Learn more about our expert custom pool design services.

Custom Garden Design

Our classical garden design features formal layouts with carefully selected plants and shrubs for the main entrance and backyard, creating a sense of order and harmony. We incorporated geometric shapes in pathways, hedges, and plantations for a structured and elegant feel, reminiscent of Roman and Greek gardens. Using natural stone, brick, or pavers for walkways and edging creates a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. Strategically placed plants add a touch of formality and classical elegance, while sourcing and transplanting trees create an instant sense of maturity and grandeur. We optimized plant selection and placement based on sunlight exposure and ensured proper soil drainage and fertility to promote healthy plant growth. We also provided a plan for ongoing maintenance to keep the classical design elements looking their best. Discover the custom landscaping and garden design services in Preston Hollow.

Outdoor Structure Construction in Preston Hollow

We employed a custom design plan that considers factors like the scale of the Preston Hollow property, the placement of trees, the pool, and the architectural style of the home. This resulted in a stunning outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, incorporating elegant roofing and open-air elements for a luxurious and functional entertaining space. Including a fireplace that is not only functional for gatherings and parties but also complements the overall design, allowing year-round enjoyment of the outdoors. Our design incorporates classic elements like support columns and stone, creating a sense of grandeur and architectural interest. We selected durable and stylish tile flooring options to ensure a beautiful and elegant surface. Classical seating arrangements and furniture exude elegance and comfort, creating a truly inviting outdoor living space. For more on our outdoor structure design services, visit the outdoor structure architecture page.

Landscape Lighting in Preston Hollow

The lighting plan for Preston Hollow was tailored to the specific garden, pool, landscape, and outdoor structures. Our designers balanced safety and security lighting with decorative features to highlight the garden’s beauty at night, using techniques like uplighting, downlighting, path lighting, and moonlighting for optimal effect. We recommended energy-saving LED fixtures and potentially integrated smart lighting systems for control and automation. Licensed professionals ensured that the electrical work was done safely and up to code. Proper fixture placement minimized glare and light trespass while maximizing effectiveness. We used high-quality, weather-resistant fixtures designed for outdoor environments. Learn more about the exterior design services.

Perimeter and Security Gate Installation

The design offered custom-designed walls and gates that addressed the property’s specific security needs, deterring intrusion and creating a controlled access point. Our professional installation ensured a strong, secure structure that can withstand wear and tear and potential security breaches. A well-designed and installed perimeter security system can enhance the property’s value. Our experts assessed the property and needs to recommend the most effective wall and gate solutions, helping choose the right materials for walls and gates, considering factors like durability, security level, and aesthetics. We also integrated automated gate openers and access control systems for added convenience and security. Discover exterior design services in Preston Hollow.

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