The inspiration for this customer outdoor environments project really goes back to the 1990s in old Preston Hollow when we did this project for a previous owner. We were excited to come back and restore the Kips Bay Show House property to the condition we left it in. Harold Leidner Landscape Architecture completed all of the projects custom hardscape, which was inclusive of the driveways, perimeter walls, decks, and terraces, as well as the lighting, drainage, and landscaping. We also were instrumental in the development of the natural creek in the front as well as the enhancement of the rear lake behind the property.

We are doing pretty much the exact same services now. However, we now have had the opportunity to update the property in a more current natural design as well as a more accessible design to the creek by grading and opening it up to provide more light. Also, by opening up to the front creek access with grass, it will allow much easier access to the front creek feature than was previously designed. Additionally, we have added a front arrival terrace that introduces you to the front creek. As you look out of the back, coming through the front door, there is a fountain that displays the lake that is at the back of the property. This fountain is a centerpiece and is on axis looking from every room in the house. We also have a unique and wonderful master bedroom terrace deck that is inspired by a fresh young mural design as well as perimeter planting. We also took a new look at the perimeter ironwork which will provide a unique updated look around the property as well as provide perimeter exterior parking.

This property is unique as the front has a creek, the back has a lake, and it has natural lush landscaping that is timeless in its design and presentation in the neighborhood. We are honored to participate to provide goodwill to the charity.


  • Driveway & Arrival Terrace
  • Entry Water Fountain
  • Perimeter Walls
  • Decks & Terraces
  • Landscaping Creek Access
  • Drainage
  • Lighting
  • Ironwork
Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas - Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

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