The Strait Lane 2 project was a collaborative effort involving architect Don Caperton, home builder Hawkins-Welwood Construction, and interior designer Tracy Rasor. Recognized as one of the top landscape architects in Preston Hollow, our team had the unique opportunity to annex a property directly behind the main house, constructing an extraordinary, world-renowned playground that harmoniously relates to an expanded swimming pool. This project required us to interlock two properties without re-platting them into one single property, a challenge we embraced using our expertise in Preston Hollow landscape architecture. Our goal was to provide a safe environment for children, distant from the custom pool design, while also creating an amazing playground. Our Highland Park landscape design company always aims to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and safe for all users.

Our engagement in the Strait Lane 2 project included overseeing all aspects of the exterior hardscape construction. From fountains and walls to a sophisticated all-tile modern swimming pool and fire pit, every element was designed to create a space perfect for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the outdoors. As a leading Preston Hollow landscape architect, our team integrated various outdoor elements to create a cohesive and inviting environment. This comprehensive landscape architecture approach ensures that every feature, from the serene fountains to the intricately designed walls, contributes to a luxurious and modern outdoor living space.



  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Splash Pad
  • Playground
  • Putting Green
  • Fire Pit Custom
  • Formal Garden Design
  • Drainage
  • Retaining Walls
  • Lighting
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Preston Hollow Landscape Architecture Services

Custom Pool and Spa Design in Preston Hollow

Our expertise in custom pool and spa design is showcased in the distinctive and custom pool at Strait Lane 2. The shape of the pool complements the property’s overall aesthetics, creating a visually stunning focal point. We ensured that every element, from the custom pool design to hardscaping and conservation grass, was thoughtfully integrated to provide a harmonious outdoor environment. The pool also features a carefully crafted spa, modern fountains, and intricate design details that add a touch of sophistication. Learn more about our custom pool design services.

Outdoor Recreation Construction

We designed and constructed a captivating pirate-themed playground for kids at Strait Lane 2. Using high-quality wood and other materials, we crafted imaginative elements such as nets, ladders, a cave, and a ship to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. We also integrated a visually appealing splash pad with rustic pirate cannon-shaped water guns for an exciting water play experience. The surrounding landscape was designed to complement the playground’s theme, with a comfortable sitting area for parents to supervise and enjoy outdoor parties.

Outdoor Structure Construction

We constructed a robust wall with gates to delineate the playground area from the pool section, using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. This wall was designed to seamlessly blend with the overall landscape, maintaining a harmonious visual flow throughout the property. Additionally, the wall was ingeniously transformed into a stylish and functional doorway, providing easy access from the property to the playground. Explore our outdoor structure architecture services.

Custom Water Features

Our team introduced creative water features inspired by transitional design. Elegant fountains with sophisticated lighting enhance the overall visual appeal and create a serene atmosphere. We installed a modern and beautiful granite fountain in the front yard, enhancing the space’s aesthetics. Additionally, we designed a modern dining table near the outdoor kitchen featuring a small waterfall that flows through the center of the table. Discover our custom water feature design services.

Fire Pit Design in Dallas

We designed modern fire features and integrated fire tables to blend with the outdoor space. Automated features like ignition systems, flame height control, and mood lighting add luxury and convenience. Dedicated seating areas around the fire pit, including sleek outdoor sofas, low-profile ottomans, and built-in benches, create a communal gathering space.

Landscape Lighting in Preston Hollow

We highlighted the architectural nuances of the Strait Lane 2 property through strategic lighting placement. By accentuating key features of the property’s design, such as intricate facades and unique structural elements, we created a captivating focal point. The pool area was enhanced with thoughtfully installed lighting, using a combination of uplighting and downlighting around the perimeter. Submerged lighting within the pool illuminated its interior, creating a mesmerizing effect. Learn more about our exterior design services.

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