At Harold Leidner Landscape Architects, we elevate Frisco outdoor recreation to an art form, significantly enhancing both your property’s value and your lifestyle. Our expert team understands that your outdoor space is more than just an extension of your home; it’s a crucial part of your everyday living and well-being. With our professional landscape architects at the helm, we create multifunctional, stunning recreational spaces that are not just visually appealing but also add tangible value to your property. In Frisco, outdoor recreation areas designed by us stand as a testament to our commitment to blending aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that every project we undertake is as unique and individual as our clients.

Outdoor Recreation
for Your Frisco Home

Boasting over 25 years of experience, our team at Harold Leidner Landscape Architects excels in creating outdoor recreational spaces that epitomize sophistication and functionality. Our unique design philosophy, which harmoniously blends aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, is evident in every project we undertake in Frisco. Explore our extensive experience and innovative approach in outdoor recreation design

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Outdoor Recreation for Your Frisco Home - Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Types of Builds We Offer

Sports Court Designer in Frisco - Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Frisco Bocce Ball Court Construction

Tailoring each project to your specific needs, we design and build premium bocce ball courts, whether you prefer a synthetic, har-tru clay, or an oyster blend court. Our proficiency lies in creating regulation-standard courts that offer both competitive play and casual enjoyment.

Volleyball Court Design in Frisco

Our volleyball court designs in Frisco are crafted with top-quality construction and materials. We focus on every detail, from impact-absorbing surfaces for safety to proper drainage systems for durability, ensuring a perfect setting for both leisure and competitive play.

Frisco Putting Greens and Custom Golf Practice Facilities

We specialize in creating customized putting greens and golf practice facilities that cater to your unique preferences and skill levels. Our expertise in precision engineering results in greens that offer realistic playing conditions, with low-maintenance solutions that don’t compromise on aesthetics or quality.

Sports Courts: Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball, etc.

Our versatile approach to sports court construction includes basketball, tennis, and pickleball courts designed for both indoor and outdoor settings. Focused on sustainability and functionality, we ensure that each sports court meets the highest standards of construction and design.

Custom Playground Designs and Installation in Frisco

We prioritize safety and inclusivity in our playground designs. By adhering to the highest safety standards and incorporating elements for children of all abilities, our playgrounds are more than just play areas – they’re spaces where children can safely learn, grow, and interact. Discover our innovative playground designs.

Expert Vision and Professional Results

Experience the Expertise

Recreation Frisco - Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

At Harold Leidner Landscape Architects, we bring unparalleled expertise to Frisco’s outdoor recreation spaces. Our seasoned professionals, with over 25 years in the industry, specialize in designing and constructing outdoor recreation courts, practice facilities, and playgrounds. We understand that each project is unique, and our approach is tailored to meet your specific needs and desires. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our work, from the meticulous selection of materials to the innovative design and implementation. Choosing us means entrusting your outdoor recreation vision to a team that not only understands the functional requirements of sports facilities and playgrounds but also appreciates the aesthetic value they add to your property. Our creations are not just spaces for leisure and activity; they are sophisticated extensions of your home that enhance both property value and lifestyle. With our expertise in outdoor structures, we ensure that every element of your outdoor space is meticulously planned and executed to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and overall enjoyment.

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Comprehensive Solutions

Recreation Solutions in Frisco - Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

At Harold Leidner Landscape Architects, we dedicate ourselves to crafting outdoor recreation spaces that epitomize luxury living in Frisco. Starting with your unique vision, our skilled  exterior designers meticulously develop a custom blueprint that integrates a range of elements, from lush landscaping to bespoke hardscapes, tailored to your outdoor activity preferences. Our commitment extends beyond the initial construction, as we provide comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your recreational spaces remain impeccable all year round. Whether it’s the vibrant flora adorning your bocce ball court, the manicured greens of your golf practice facility, or the engaging play areas for children, our all-encompassing landscape services in Frisco guarantee that your investment in outdoor recreation continues to enhance your property’s value and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Let’s bring your vision to life!

Best Landscape Architect for Outdoor Recreation in Frisco

Best Landscape Architect for Outdoor Recreation in Frisco - Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

At Harold Leidner Landscape Architects, we pride ourselves on our expertise in delivering modern and innovative outdoor recreation solutions. Our extensive experience in Frisco, coupled with our team’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, sets us apart. Read testimonials from our satisfied clients and see why we are the preferred choice for outdoor recreation design.

For those in Frisco seeking exceptional outdoor recreation spaces, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. Let’s collaborate to make your outdoor recreation vision a reality, enhancing your property with designs that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s bring your vision to life!