This project represented one of the most complicated landscape planning and construction efforts in our firm’s history, largely because it was a giant puzzle, a challenge we embraced as a leading Highland landscape design company. The Beverly Drive location in old Highland Park was razed for the construction of the new three-story home, executed by Sebastion Construction Group. Any existing trees that were not considered salvageable were removed because fully-grown specimen trees would be planted as part of the new exterior plan. Larry Boerder, the home’s architect, and our firm, renowned for our Dallas landscape architecture, were left with essentially a white sheet of paper and the detailed instructions from the owner. All pre-construction issues relating to creating the home’s finished floor, slopes, grades, and drains were addressed at the outset by our office.

The owner is an avid collector of historical artifacts and had assembled a one-of-a-kind stock of 18th and 19th-century stone and wood material from Europe. Cobblestones from the streets in Belgium, architectural objects and facades from Italy, salvaged wood and brick from France and Spain, and other materials too numerous to mention. All the material was hand-selected by the owner and shipped to Dallas. Every hard surface on the interior and exterior of the home utilized these extraordinary materials, including the all-exterior hardscape. There were no off-the-shelf materials used anywhere in the construction of this home.

When we say the home was like building a puzzle, the architectural team was literally designing the home as the materials arrived from Europe. The home took a commensurate amount of time to complete and is a monument to the remarkable collaboration of a passionate collector and a seasoned and patient team of design professionals, showcasing the expertise of top landscape architects in Highland Park.


  • All-tile Pool – Negative Edge
  • All-tile Spas
  • Heated Driveways
  • Motor Courts
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Drainage
  • Mature Tree Acquisition
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