This project, designed by Architect William Briggs and constructed by homebuilder Randall Underwood, was an opportunity to update an existing house to provide some young, new, modern features that was in the spirit from an Italian villa from cobblestone walkways, front bocce ball courts, and sophisticated all tile front fountains and swimming pool. As a Preston Hollow landscape architect company, we ensured that the landscape is consistent with the arid gardens of Italy, blending traditional aesthetics with modern, innovative dallas garden design. Our team, known for being among the top landscape architects in Preston Hollow, meticulously planned every detail to ensure a seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor spaces, reflecting the timeless elegance and classic charm of Italian architecture while also incorporating the modern, luxurious features that are synonymous with our Dallas landscape design company. The result is a harmonious blend of past and present, tradition and innovation, that speaks to the sophisticated tastes and lifestyle of the homeowners in Old Preston Hollow.


  • Trellises
  • All-tile Pool – negative edge
  • All-tile Fountains
  • Bocce Ball Courts
  • Sophisticated Pavement
  • Perimeter Security Drive Systems
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Drainage
  • Modern Garden Design
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