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Sometimes the only direction we get from a new client is “I really like so & so’s landscape.” In this case, the client wanted a classic parterre garden, which we are very familiar with. The challenge with this type of landscape has to do with scale. Our office could see that the boxwoods needed to be sculpted and placed the proper distance from the house in order to feel connected to the house. If there had not been sufficient space in front of the boxwoods, the effect would have come across as cluttered and unorganized instead of stately. Gardens sculpted with this kind of precision obviously require meticulous maintenance, which we provide as part of our service offering. The project took about a year from design through installation, and was a collaboration with residential architect Richard Drummund Davis.


  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Mature Tree Acquisition
  • Classical Garden Design
  • Drainage
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