As you plan for your new home, it’s important to consider all aspects of design. From the way your home presents itself to the street, to the way it complements the mature trees on your property, each element plays a role in creating a cohesive and visually stunning home and garden.

Investing in a new home is a significant decision, and the amenities of the home are just as important as its exterior design. As you begin to explore potential properties, take note of the exterior features of the home. Are there any cracks in the foundation? Do the gardens appear level, or have they shifted? Is the swimming pool properly maintained, with water levels square with the tile line? Is the irrigation system functional, and does the site drain properly?

In addition to these practical considerations, it’s also important to consider the safety of your property. If you have small children or pets, are there any potentially toxic plants in the garden? Are pool fences creatively placed to enhance the property rather than detract from it? Do you have a plan in place to maintain the beauty of your property over time?

If you’ve found a home that meets many of your criteria but you want to make the exterior your own, it may be time to consider your exterior vision. Harold Leidner Landscape Architects can help you create a completely realized vision that complements the architecture of your home and the natural beauty of your property.

As you work with one of our landscape architects to create your ideal outdoor space, we’ll consider factors such as sight lines, mature trees, and the overall form of your home. With the right design, your property can become a stunning reflection of your personal style and a luxurious oasis for your family and guests.

Purchasing a new home is an exciting opportunity to create a beautiful and functional living space. When considering potential properties, take the time to consider the exterior features of the home and the overall design of the property. Let us help transform your property into a visually stunning oasis that reflects your personal style and enhances your quality of life and includes outdoor recreation elements for added enjoyment.